Carlo Rodolfo




  • Name: Carlo Rodolfo
  • Specialized in: Autophagy, Cancer, Melanoma, Mitochondria, Cell Death
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Research field (sample da Campello)

In the last years, I focused my attention on the molecular mechanisms underlying autophagy, in particular mitophagy, and cell death induction in cancer. We are studying the effect of Ophiobolin-A (OP-A) administration to melanoma cell lines, with particular attention to mitochondrial damage and signalling. We found that OP-A treatment results in mitochondrial damage, mitophagy induction, and cell death induction. Of interest, is the ability of this molecule to induce different modalities of cell death, apoptosis vs. necroptosis, depending upon the presence of the BRAFV600E mutation as well as the availability of glucose as a source of energy. We are now investigating in details, which are the molecular mechanisms responsible for this shift, and which could be the impact of autophagy modulation in this context.

We are also investigating whether interfering with mitophagy and/or mitochondrial dynamics could be of impact in potentiating OP-A induced cell death in melanoma.


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Education & Training

  • 2015

    Grant “Consolidate the Foundations”, University of Rome Tor Vergata (I)

  • 2006

    Grant PRIN, MiUR (I).

  • 2002-present

    Assistant Professor at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Dept. of Biology, Rome (I)

  • 2001

    Visiting Fellow, Prof. G. Kroemer Group, IGR, Villejuif, Paris (F).

  • 2000

    Ph.D. Molecular and Cellular Biology, Dept. of Biology, University of Rome Tor Vergata (I).

  • 1997-2002

    Research Fellow, Prof. M. Piacentini Group, Dept. of Biology, University of Rome Tor Vergata (I).

  • 1995

    Visiting Fellow, Prof. J.M Egly Group, IGBMC Strasbourg (F).

  • 1992

    D. Sci. Biological Science Degree, University of Pavia (I).